PostHeaderIcon The Types of Running Styles

When it comes to exercise we all have our individual ways of working out. Running is one of the best exercises to improve cardiovascular fitness, but just as you get different types of running (jogging, sprinting, etc) you also get different running styles. The type of running style you do will depend on your training goal, which will influence the speed at which you run, as well as the physical strain you exert on yourself. The type of running shoe you use may also imp[act this, especially if you buy cheaper makes found on plastic recycling hangers in general shops, as opposed to specialised shoe stores.

After considerable analysis just three different running styles have been identified, and these are distinguished by the positioning of the feet during running. The styles are ball or forefoot running, heel running and midfoot running. The forefoot style is mainly used by sprinters, medium-distance runners and top sports people as it is considered the “natural” way in which humans should run. The foot hits the ground on the ball of the foot and pushes off again after minimal scrolling, or even none at all. This is a dynamic style of running and is often seen as the style of top athletes. However, this style has a high physical loading that often results in problems with the calves or Achilles tendon.

Heel running is the most popular running style and is considered a good style as it is a more indulgent technique. The foot hits the ground with the heel, turns slightly inwards and scrolls over the complete foot. However, while this style protects the Achilles tendon, it places a great deal of stress on the bones and saps the runner’s strength.

The midfoot style of running is a combination of these two running styles and may be considered the correct style for long distance running. It is more indulgent on the joints and the tendons and therefore favoured by many runners.

If you want to change your running style you should do so gradually. Make sure you have the appropriate footwear for your type of running. Scarf hanger suppliers who also make shoe hangers and have some knowledge of the footwear industry recommend going to shoe specialists to ensure that you get the correct shoes for your running style.

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