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A large percentage of the senior population requires hearing aids to hear better. With this said, so do some people with hearing difficulties. Hearing aid maintenance is vital to keep your hearing aids in great working condition, for prolonged life spans and great hearing. In this article we look at some simple hearing aid maintenance tips and steps.

Always keep your hearing aid dry and clean, an important point in hearing aid maintenance.
•    To prolong the life of your hearing aid battery and a useful tip in hearing aid maintenance, when you are not using your hearing aid, open the battery compartment door so that the battery is not in contact with the components within.
•    Make a habit of cleaning your hearing aids every single day. Many a hearing aid maintenance kit will offer solutions to help you clean your hearing aids.
•    With the previous tip stated, never use household cleaning fluids or oils to clean your hearing aids.
•    At night, or when you are not utilising your hearing aids, store them in a hearing aid maintenance drying kit.
•    Always make sure that you have removed your hearing aids before swimming, bathing or showering, doing your hair or sleeping.
•    While one wears their hearing aids throughout the day, moisture may collect within it and this may damage the life span of your hearing aid. In hearing aid maintenance tips, while not wearing your hearing aids, open the compartment of the battery to allow the internal structure to dry inside.
•    Every hearing aid comes equipped with a wax filter that will prevent ear wax from plugging up the component of the hearing aid that delivers the sound to your ear. Keep this filter as clean as possible and change it whenever you can no longer clean it.

Hearing aid maintenance is an important element of your hearing aid system and will assist someone with a- learn to hear system. It will prove to have a longer lifespan and you will be able to hear more clearly.

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