PostHeaderIcon Ear Protection for All Seasons

Here Comes The Sun

Whilst those in the Northern Hemisphere have slowly emerged from hibernation following the arrival of summer, the inhabitants of the south are bringing out the blankets and heaters in preparation for a chilly winter. Whichever part of the world you may be in, however, don’t forget to take care of the oft-forgotten body part – the ears!

Summer Fun

As hundreds of people flock to the beaches, make sure to invest in a good pair of ear plugs for swimming, particularly if you have sensitive ears or are prone to ear infections. Prevention is better than cure – nobody wants to ruin their holiday with an earache!

PostHeaderIcon Swimmer’s Ear Sorted

As spring comes along many kids, and a number of adults, are eager to get back into the pool for a warm season of water sports. Nothing puts a stop to these plans quite as effectively as swimmer’s ear; an infection of the ear canal that can be very painful.

The Source of the Problem

A human’s ear is composed of three main parts; the outer, middle and inner ear. An infection in the outer ear is known as Otitis externa (or swimmer’s ear) and directly affects the ear canal. According to the NHS, Otitis externa is one of the most common conditions to affect competitive swimmers.

PostHeaderIcon Sleep Better & Live Better: 7 Tips for a Peaceful Night’s Rest

sleep betterSleep is one of the most important elements of our everyday routine, however many of us do not make enough effort to ensure that we get a restful, undisturbed sleep. As a result, we underperform the following day. Since we all need to make the most of our waking hours, we should take steps to sleep better. Here are our top seven tips for a better night’s sleep.

PostHeaderIcon Good Communication Makes for Better Doctors

Source: hang_in_there

For decades the training of doctors has focused on medical knowledge and practical experience. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this approach it is lacking an essential component; teaching communication skills. Real life experience is telling; up to 40% of medical malpractice suits happen due to a break down in doctor-patient communication.

The Communication Gap

According to the Wall Street Journal research proves that doctors tend to miss important health cues and can misdiagnose illnesses when they don’t listen to their patients. Think about it; clinical symptoms can often only a physician so much – it is essential that a patient communicates their pain levels, the severity of their symptoms and related issues, and that they are heard when doing so.

PostHeaderIcon Medical Tourism Industry Flourishing

Healthcare Costs Drive Patients to Look Overseas

Medical tourism may not be a term that you’re familiar with, but you’ll certainly be hearing about it a lot more. The World Travel and Tourism Council announced that medical tourism contributed 9% of the global GDP in 2011, and resulted in 255 million jobs.

But what is medical tourism? Simply put, it occurs when people seek healthcare services outside of their own country, for a number of different reasons. Plastic surgery makes up a large proportion of the operations performed, due to the fact that cosmetic procedures are far cheaper outside of the US, without skimping on quality.

PostHeaderIcon Spring Has Sprung: Allergies in 2013

Changing of the Seasons

As the weather gradually changes in the Northern Hemisphere, the buzzing of bees and blooming of flowers can mean only one thing – spring allergies! Furthermore, scientists expect allergies to worsen in the coming years, due to a combination of different factors – a longer growing season, an earlier spring, a warmer autumn, and increased humidity.

Whilst there’s not much you can do about external factors, steam cleaning your home is one of the most effective ways in which to rid your living quarters of potential allergens.

PostHeaderIcon Hearing Devices: Upgrades and Implants

Incredible Advances in Auditory Technology

New bone conduction technologies mean that we may soon be seeing bone-anchored hearing devices replacing the hearing aids of yesteryear. Of course, for people with hearing difficulties, auditory therapy is also a fundamental part of improving their quality of life, but newer, smaller and more efficient devices can also make a world of difference. These implants may also be able to solve problems that limit the effectiveness of cochlear devices, such as the ability to pinpoint a sound in a crowd of people and distinguish it from others.

PostHeaderIcon Latest Weight Loss Developments

Chewing Gum Myth Debunked

A study from Ohio State University has found that contrary to popular belief, chewing gum does not aid weight loss. Supposedly, chewing gum can prevent one from eating food at the same time, i.e. work as a distraction, in addition to burning calories (presumably from the constant chewing). However, the study found that once people spat out the gum, they ended up eating just as much as those who didn’t chew it, meaning gum fails to act as a suitable diversion.

PostHeaderIcon The Frustrating Effects of Lethologica

Very few people even know it exists but it seems that Lethologica is a common disorder that 9 out of 10 people suffer with. Lethologica is termed as a psychological disorder that sporadically hinders a person’s ability to clearly articulate their thoughts and they temporarily forget names in conversations, words and phrases.

PostHeaderIcon Ancient Beliefs about Gemstones and Crystal Healing

Some may swear by it, while others dismiss it as a case of mind over matter, but regardless, the ancient art of crystal healing remains a popular aspect of alternative health. Numerous precious gemstones were once regarded with a certain reverence by ancient civilisations, and many of us in modern-day society still embrace these beliefs to some extent.

Of course, different people prefer different remedies, and we’re not here to debate the merits of alternative healing therapies; however it is very interesting to explore the significance of these stones and see how they became associated with health and wellbeing today. Whether you’re a devotee of crystal healing or simply a fan of white gold earrings set with purely decorative gemstones, you’re sure to find this an engaging read: